Waqas Sultani



I received my Ph.D. in summer 2017 under Prof. Mubarak Shah at Center for Research in Computer Vision.

Before this, I earned my MS from Seoul National Univeristy, South Korea under supervision of  Prof. Jin Young Choi in Perception and
Intelligence Lab
. Prior to this, I received my Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Univeristy of Engineering and

Technology, Taxila, Pakistan ( North, South). In summer 2014, I have done internship in Xerox



Contact:  waqas5163@gmail.com





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Video Action Localization Using Web Images
  • What if we do not have multiple videos of the same action? - Video Action Localization Using Web Images,

Waqas Sultani, Mubarak Shah,

IEEE Intl. Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR),2016

[PDF][Poster][Presentation][YouTube Video Presentation][Spatial-Temporal Annotations][Web Images][Project Page]





Automatic Action Annotation
  • Automatic Action Annotation in Weakly Labeled Videos

Waqas Sultani, Mubarak Shah,

Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU),2017


[PDF][Project Page]





Action Proposal Ranking
  • Unsupervised Action Proposal Ranking through Proposal Recombination

Waqas Sultani, Dong Zhang and Mubarak Shah,

Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU),2017


[PDF][Project Page]





Pavement Object Detection
  • Automatic Pavement Object Detection using Superpixel Segmentation Combined with Conditional Random Field

Waqas Sultani, Soroush Mokhtari and Hae-Bum Yun,

IEEE Transaction on Intelligent Transportation System (ITS),2017

[PDF][Pavement Dataset]





Cross Datasets Action Recongition
  • Human Action Recognition across Datasets by Foreground Focused Histogram Decomposition

Waqas Sultani, Imran Saleemi,

IEEE Intl. Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR),2014

[PDF][Spotlight Video][Presentation][Project Page]





Accident Detection in Traffic Scenes
  • Abnormal Traffic Detection using Intelligent Driver Model

Waqas Sultani, Jin Young Choi,

IEEE Intl. Conf. on Pattern Recognition (ICPR),2010





System and Method for Seat Occupancy Detection from Ceiling Mounted Camera using Robust Adaptive Threshold Criteria

Inventor(s): Robert P. Loce,Waqas Sultani, Beilei Xu, Hao Wu

US Patent: US9378421 B2. [PDF]








System and Method for Detecting Settle Down Time using Computer Vision Techniques.

Inventor(s): Loce, R.P. and Sultani, W. and Wu, H. and Xu, B. and Wade, T.F. and Sprague, M.A. and Swenton-Wall, P. and Clar, M. and Harte, E.

US Patent: US9384396 B2. [PDF]





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Ph.D. Dissertation
  • Weakly Labeled Action Recognition and Detection

Waqas Sultani

[PDF][Presentation (Power Point)][ Presentation (PDF)][YouTube Video Presentation]