Center for Research in Comptuer Vision
Center for Research in Comptuer Vision

Ulas Bagci, PhD


Longitudinal quantification of (i) pathologies, (ii) vessels, (iii) airways, and density based evaluations were extracted from CT images. More details will come soon.

PET/MRI Images are denoised with Affinity Propagation adapted segmentation based denoising method. While small structures are preserved, we also denoise the images successfully.

Airway analysia and quantification from longitudinal CT scans is made possible with our proposed graph based delineation algorithm. It can be both used in clinics and preclinics.

We developed efficient general anatomy (such as ribcage, lung, spine, kidney, fat, liver, ....) segmentation methods and multimodal image segmentation methods (right: pet/ct and pet/mri joint segmentation methods).

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