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Book Series

International Book Series on Video Computing, Kluwer Academic Publishers
Series Editor: Mubarak Shah

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Multimodal Video Characterization and Summarization
Michael A. Smith and Takeo Kanade, October, 2004.

3D Face Processing: Modeling, Analysis and Synthesis
Zhen Wen and Thomas Huang, June 2004.

Content-Based Image and Video Retrieval
Xian Sean Zhu and Thomas Huang, August 2003.

Video Registration
Mubarak Shah and Rakesh Kumar, May, 2003.

Video Mining Techniques
Editors: Azriel Rosenfeld, Daniel DeMenthon, and David Doermann, July 2003.

Video Registration
Mubarak Shah and Rakesh Kumar, May 2003.

Media Computing: Computational Media Aesthetics
Chitra Dorai and Svetha Venkatesh, April 2002.

Analyzing Video Sequences of Multiple Humans
Jun Ohya, Akira Utsumi, and Junjo Yamato, March 2002.

Face Detection and Gesture Recognition for Human-Computer Interaction
Ming-Hsuan Yang and Narendra Ahuja, August 2001.

Visual Event Detection
Niels Haering and Niels da Vitoria Lobo, July 2001.