Center for Research in Comptuer Vision
Center for Research in Comptuer Vision

Seminar Announcement

Local Zernike Moments: A New Representation for Face Recognition

Dr. Muhittin Gokmen of MEF University, Istanbul

Friday, August 12, 2016 · 3:00PM · HEC 101

In this talk, I will describe a recently developed image representation called Local Zernike Moments (LZM) for face recognition. In recent years, local image representations such as Gabor and Local Binary Patterns (LBP) have attracted great interest due to their success in handling difficulties of face recognition. In this study, we aim to develop an alternative representation to further improve the face recognition performance. We achieve this by utilizing Zernike Moments which have been successfully used as shape descriptors for character recognition. We modify global Zernike moments to obtain a local representation by computing the moments at every pixel of a face image by considering its local neighborhood, thus decomposing the image into a set of images, moment components, to capture the micro structure around each pixel. Our experiments on FERET face database reveal the superior performance of LZM over Gabor and LBP representations.

Muhittin Gökmen received his BSc degree from Istanbul Technical University’s Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Department of Electronics and Communication in 1982. After receiving his MSc degree from the same university in 1984, he moved to Pittsburgh, PA to work on hisPhD degree on a scholarship from the Turkish Ministry of National Education. He got his second MSc in 1986 and PhD in 1990 from the University of Pittsburgh. He worked on a project sponsored by the DARPA for one year as a post-doctoral fellow.

Dr. Gökmen returned to Turkey in 1992, and joined the Istanbul Technical University Department of Computer Engineering as an Assistant Professor. He became an Associate Professor in 1993, and a Professor in 1999. He served as the Dean of ITU’s Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering between 2001 and 2004. He subsequently served as the Department Chair for ITU’s Department of Computer Engineering, in the newly-established Faculty of Computer and Informatics. In 2004, he founded the startup, Divit, Digital Video and Image Technologies, which is the first company established by academics in ARI Teknokent. He joined MEF University in 2014 as the Department Chair for its Department of Computer Engineering. He was appointed the Director of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering of this university