Center for Research in Comptuer Vision
Center for Research in Comptuer Vision

IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging paper is accepted for publication!

CRCV Students Sarfaraz Hussein has published an important article in top-tier journal, IEEE TMI. Undergraduate student Arjun Watane is also a co-author in this article.

Sarfaraz and Arjun are working under direct supervision of Dr. Bagci, and this is the first-ever IEEE TMI paper of CRCV after Dr. Bagci has joined CRCV.

In their paper, Dr. Bagci and his students have collaborated with world leading clinicians, radiologist, and nuclear medicine scientists to solve an important problem: “computerized quantification of body fat distribution” and “automatic detection of brown fat”. Scientist from NIH and St. Louis University helped on the clinical side while

Sarfaraz has led the development of machine learning and image processing algorithms for precise determination of location and amount of adipose tissues in the whole body.

The work is believed to be first fully automated, fast, and accurate localized body adiposity distribution software.

IEEE TMI is considered one of the top-tier technicals journal in medical imaging and medical image analysis fields. Preprint version of the paper is here.