Center for Research in Comptuer Vision
Center for Research in Comptuer Vision

Team Crosshair Comes in 2nd Place

Team Crosshair, from UCF, has been working towards the Thales Arduino Challenge 2016 (a Micro-controller based engineering competition). They have built a robot in a week and a half which can navigate autonomously, find, target, and track any object it is told to. Team members, and particularly graduate student Kiran Prakash, are closely working with CRCV to apply computer vision techniques to the project they have been implementing.

The team, consisting of four graduate and undergraduate engineering students have come in second in the public voting, losing first place by approximately 100 votes.


Here is our team!!

Team members : Kiran Prakash(Graduate), Ben Carpenter(Undergrad), Dillon Martin(Undergrad), Lucas Ryan(Undergrad)