Center for Research in Comptuer Vision
Center for Research in Comptuer Vision

Announcing Poster Day for NSF-funded sites at UCF

UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science is hosting three National Science Foundation (NSF) sites this Summer 2016. Two are for Undergraduate Students, and one is for Teachers.

UCF's Center for Research in Computer Vision is the site for Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) in the area of Computer Vision, and the site for Research Experience for Teachers (RET).

UCF's Computer Science Department is the site for Research Experiences for Undergraduates in the area of the Internet of Things.

The purpose of the REU program is to encourage undergraduate students to pursue graduate school and research careers.

The purpose of the RET program is to expose teachers to research that they can take back to their classrooms.

You are invited to a Poster Session related to their research projects on Friday, July 29th from 11:30 - 2:00 pm in the Physical Science Building (PSB) 160/161.


11:30 -- 11:45PM - Lunch (Pizza served on a first-come, first-served basis)

11:45 -- 12:35PM - Spotlights: Each student and each teacher will make a 90 second presentation about his/her project

12:35 - 2:00PM - Posters
The Spotlights will be presented in the following order:

Students in the Internet of Things (NSF REU):

Alex Mayle - Ohio University
Alina Rigdon - St. Scholastica College
Bryan Pearson - Stetson University
Dean Wasil - Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Jose Vigil - New Mexico State University
Kim Chen - Stetson University
Kiran Pandit - Carnegie Mellon University
Marzouk Lawal - Morgan State College
Nathalie Domingo - Carnegie Mellon University
Nicole Fella - Manhattan College

Students in Computer Vision (NSF REU

Winona Richey - Tulane University
Edgar Lopez - University of Texas at El Paso
Jacob Laurel - University of Alabama at Birmingham
Kylie McCarty - University of Central Florida
Kevin Duarte - University of Central Florida
Jessica Finocchiaro - Florida Southern College
Brian Mora - University of Central Florida
Jonathan Lacombe - University of Central Florida
Gregoire Robinson - University of Massachusetts Amherst
Manisha Gupta - University of North Texas

Teachers in Computer Vision (NSF RET):

Susan Rebecca Lee - Statistics, Timbercreek High School (Orange District)
Dawn Feeney - PreCalculus, Timbercreek High School (Orange District)
Francisco Chaparro-Torress - PreCalculus, Olympia High School (Orange District)
Sharon Shyrock - Statistics, Lyman High School (Seminole District)
Susan Brown - Calculus, Lyman High School (Seminole District)
Amber Morgan - Physics, Seminole High School (Seminole District)
William Furiosi - Biology, Oviedo High School (Seminole District)
Christopher Stanley - Statistics, Lake Brantley High School (Seminole District)
Josue Urbina - Biology, Crooms Academy (Seminole District)
Steven DeSanto - Physics, Lake Mary High SChool (Seminole District)