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Three New Trustee Chairs Honored As 'Foremost Scholars'

Submitted by: Kristy McAllister, Communications Coordinator, Academic Affairs Submitted for: Dr. Cynthia Y. Young, Vice Provost for Faculty Excellence and International Affairs and Global Strategies
Subject: Three New Trustee Chairs Honored As 'Foremost Scholars'

Congratulations to the three new Trustee Chairs who were honored at the UCF Board of Trustees meeting on May 31 – Deborah Beidel, Zenghu Chang, and Jeff Rupert.

Dr. Beidel is a Pegasus Professor of Psychology and Medical Education, the associate chair for research, and director of the clinical Ph.D. program in the Psychology Department, as well as a leader in research related to anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Dr. Chang is a Pegasus and Distinguished Professor of Physics and Optics, the director of the Institute for the Frontier of Attosecond Science and Technology, and an international pioneer in his field.

Dr. Rupert is a Pegasus Professor of Music, the director of UCF’s Jazz Studies program, a Grammy Award winner, a saxophonist, composer and arranger, as well as an internationally recognized jazz luminary.

You can learn more about each of these exceptional scholars on the Office of Faculty Excellence’s website at

These faculty members join the five previously named Trustee Chairs for a total of eight. The existing Trustee Chairs are Peter Delfyett, Peter Hancock, Martin Richardson, Mubarak Shah, and Eric Van Stryland.

Designed to both retain and attract exceptional faculty, these five-year Trustee Chair appointments offer an annual stipend of $50,000. In order to be eligible, nominees must be professors who are ranked as a “foremost scholar” in their chosen area of expertise and known for making a positive scholarly impact on others at UCF.

Additional details and guidelines also are available from the Office of Faculty Excellence at