Center for Research in Comptuer Vision
Center for Research in Comptuer Vision

Artificial intelligence doctorate program at UCF

By Keith Landry, Reporter -

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35 ORLANDO) - It's artificial intelligence taken to new levels. Young tech wizards are creating impressive technologies at the University of Central Florida's Center for Research in Computer Vision.

"Computer vision deals with analyzing images on video automatically by computer program," explains Dr. Mubarak Shah, who runs one of the top computer vision programs in America.

UCF students are working on their PhD's and developing technologies which many of us may encounter in the future. One student is working on a computer model to count cancer cells in the blood stream, so patients will not need a biopsy to detect prostate cancer.

Afshin Dehghan is using computer vision to track athletes while they compete to improve training techniques. He is also tracking objects or a group of people in a parking lot. He can single out each one. Dehghan says computer vision will dramatically enhance surveillance capabilities.

"We are actually almost there. There are already commercial systems are out there, like people are starting using them," says Dehghan.

Aidean Sharghi uses a light-filled camera, which allows him to see different views from a single photo and to refocus on different objects within the same photo.

He says, "What I can do is to just take pictures and I have multiple views, so I can model the surface easily, and that way I will be able to do object recognition."

Another project looks ahead to the world of Google Glass, developing programs to lay street addresses over the buildings you see as you walk down the street. Other students use software to analyze a series of objects or actions in a video. They use the information to teach the computer software to conclude what is happening there. This can help protect us in public.

"Our streets will be safe. Our stadiums and all these gathering places will be safe," says Dr. Shah.

They are bright young minds, developing a high tech world for our convenience. They are doing it right here in Orlando.