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Jacob Laurel

My name is Jacob Laurel and I'm heading into my final year at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. I'm studying a double major in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics and I ultimately plan on going to graduate school to pursue a Ph.D in Computer Vision so that I can apply deep mathematical results to current research problems. I am particularly interested in how probabilistic models can be applied to a wide range of computer vision tasks. This summer I'm working with Dr. Boqing Gong and Aidean Sharghi on query-based video summarization. We will be using Determinantal Point Processes (DPPs) to model diversity and accurately summarize the image frames of an egocentric video sequence. The application of DPPs to vision tasks is quite new, though they have been used successfully in human pose estimation as well as frame selection in videos. Our project will focus on combining image features with semantic features to intelligently select the most representative set of frames for the given video. Check out the presentations and links below to learn more about my progress or the project in general.

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