Center for Research in Comptuer Vision
Center for Research in Comptuer Vision

Computer Vision Video Lectures


UCF Researchers Perform World's First Automated Mass-Crowd Count

omputers have scanned aerial photographs and conducted the first automated mass-crowd....


Detecting Humans in Dense Crowd Images

Human detection in dense crowds is an important problem, as it is a prerequisite...


Geo-spatial Localization Using Google Street View

In this project a new system for image localization and location recognition in terms of ...


A Streakline Representation of Flow in Crowded Scenes

Based on the Lagrangian framework for fluid dynamics, a streakline representation of flow...


ALOV300++ New Multi-Object Tracking Dataset

There is a large variety of trackers, which have been proposed in the literature during the last two decades with some mixed success...


Tracking Wide Area UAV Videos

The problem that this project deals with is that of detection and tracking of large number of objects in Wide Area Surveillance (or WAS) data. WAS is aerial...


Classifying Web Videos using a Global Video Descriptor

Computing descriptors for videos is a crucial task in computer vision. In this work, we propose a global video descriptor for classification of realistic videos...


Simultaneous Video Stabilization and Moving Object Detection in Turbulence

Turbulence mitigation refers to the stabilization of videos...



Meet our 2016 NSF REU Participants
Dr. Bagci has one journal paper accepted in Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics Journal
Crime-Scene Video Analysis Goes High-Tech with $1.3 Million Grant to UCF
Prof. Bagci gave a plenary talk at MIPAV, Soochow University, Suzhou City, China
First NSF grant under CRII
Khurram Soomro receives 1st Place at 2016 UCF Graduate Research Forum
Final Examination of Afshin Dehghan
Our CVPR 2016 papers
Aidan Ryan Received 1st Place in Seminole County Regional Science and Engineering Fair
Team Crosshair Comes in 2nd Place
Dr. Bagci had two journal papers and one conference paper published recently
Arjun Watane named as recipient of the Order of Pegasus
Apply for the High School Apprenticeship Program
Apply for 2016 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in Computer Vision
Team Crosshair from UCF competes in Thales Arduino Challenge 2016
CRCV Hires 3rd Assistant Professor, Dr. Ali Borji
Dr. Bagci opens a new course titled "Medical Image Computing" (CAP 5937)
Dr. Bagci is invited to give a plenary talk on 3rd International Workshop of Medical Imaging
Dr. Boqing Gong is invited by a workshop of International Conference on Data Mining to give a talk on domain adaptation on Nov. 14th, 2015
UCF Researchers Perform World's First Automated Mass-Crowd Count
IVC Paper on "Complex event recognition using constrained low-rank representation" Accepted
Two papers accepted to ICCV 2015
IJCV Paper on "Visual Saliency Detection Using Group Lasso Regularization in Videos of Natural Scenes" Accepted
New Publication by Dr. Bagci in MICCAI 2015 - Workshop of "Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis" (DLMIA)
Our ACMMM 2015 papers
2015 NSF REU in Computer Vision Poster Session
UCF-Developed Software Analyzes Fat in Seconds
NIH News highligts Dr. Bagci's Research on "Experimental MERS Vaccine Shows Promise in Animal Studies"
Dr. Bagci has 5 abstracts accepted to be presented at RSNA 2015 in Chicago, IL
Dr. Bagci's Radiographics paper was highlighted by the editor and chosen for the cover of the RadioGraphics journal
Two High School Students Participating in 2015 ARO REAP
28 Years: UCF Hosts Nation's Longest-Running NSF REU Site

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Seminar Videos

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Upcoming Seminars

Date Description
March 31 2:00pm Do shallow kernel methods match deep neural networks - and if not, what can the shallow ones learn from the deep ones? by Dr. Fei Shah of the University of California, Los Angeles HEC 101

Past Seminars

Date Description
Nov 10 3:00pm Magnetic Resonance Guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and Clinical Applications by Dr. Haydar Celik of the National Institutes of Health BA1 207
Nov 9 2:00pm Dancing chickens and gorillas in the lung: If I can see so much, why do I miss so much? by Dr. Jeremy Wolfe of Harvard Medical School HEC 101
Oct 9 10:00am Computational Modeling of Bottom-up and Top-down Attention and Relations to Visual Recognition by Dr. Ali Borji of the University of Wisconsin HEC 101
Aug 14 11:00am From GPS and Google Maps to Spatial Computing 2020 by Dr. Shashi Shekhar of the University of Minnesota HEC 101
July 8
Sequential Determinantal Point Process: Modeling the Diverse and Sequential Properties in Video Summarization by Dr. Boqing Gong of the University of Southern California
May 22
Deep learning Strategies in Classification of CT Attenuation Patterns for Interstitial Lung Diseases by Dr. Ziyue Xu of the National Institutes of Health
April 17
That Thing In Your Pocket Is A Computer! The Future of Mobile Computing by Dr. Edward Delp of Purdue University
April 7
Kernel Methods for Unsupervised Visual Domain Adaptations by Dr. Boqing Gong of University of Southern California
April 2
Comprehensive Human State Modeling and Its Applications by Dr. Ajay Divakaran of SRI International
Mar 30
Visual understanding of human actions by Dr. Hamed Pirsiavash of Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Feb 27
Body-wide Automatic Anatomy Recognition in Medical Imagery by Dr. Jay Udupa of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania
Feb 25
Atlas-based Segmentation of Anatomical Organs in Chest X-Ray by Dr. Sema Candemir of National Institutes of Health
Feb 25
Retinal Imaging and Image Analysis by Dr. Xinjian Chen of Soochow University, China

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