Center for Research in Comptuer Vision
Center for Research in Comptuer Vision

Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Computer Vision and

Deep Learning at the Center for Research in Computer Vision


Cardiac Image Analysis with Deep Learning Method

Presented in Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America 2018

UCF-QNRF - A Large Crowd Counting Data Set

Automatic counting and localizing in dense crowd scenes...


Selfie Data Set

Selfie data set contains 46,836 selfie images annotated with 36 different...


Video Segmentation

View our project pages here.


Scene Labeling Using Sparse Precision Matrix

Semantic image segmentation, assigning a label from many....


Multi-Camera Video Analysis

View our project pages here.


UCF Researchers Perform World's First Automated Mass-Crowd Count

Computers have scanned aerial photographs and conducted the....


Detecting Humans in Dense Crowd Images

Human detection in dense crowds is an important problem, as it is a prerequisite...


Geo-spatial Localization Using Google Street View

In this project a new system for image localization and location recognition in terms of ...


A Streakline Representation of Flow in Crowded Scenes

Based on the Lagrangian framework for fluid dynamics, a streakline representation of flow...


ALOV300++ New Multi-Object Tracking Dataset

There is a large variety of trackers, which have been proposed in the literature during the last two decades with some mixed success...


Tracking Wide Area UAV Videos

The problem that this project deals with is that of detection and tracking of large number of objects in Wide Area Surveillance (or WAS) data. WAS is aerial...



Communcations of the ACM's article about UCF's 30-Year REU Site
Announcing the Final Examination of Yicong Tian for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy
Media Release and News about Lung Cancer-AI Tool from CRCV
CVPR 2018: Best Paper and Best Student Paper Awards
Abhijit Mahalanobis Joins CRCV
Announcing the Final Examination of Sarfaraz Hussein for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy
Research Experience for Teachers (RET) Dissemination Workshop
Crowd Counting Demo Available
Apply for 2018 Research Experience for Teachers (RET) in Computer Vision
Arjun Watane Selected for the Honors in the Major Outstanding Theses Award
CRCV has 10 Papers Accepted to CVPR 2018
Great Scholarship Opportunities! STRONG (STEM TRansfers' Opportunities for Nurtured Growth) Is looking for qualified students!
Apply for 2018 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in Computer Vision
Patent Awarded for Multi-Source, Multi-Scale Counting in Dense Crowd Images
CRCV Receives $1 Million Grant from NSF
TPAMI Paper on "Large-Scale Image Geo-Localization Using Dominant Sets" Accepted
Dr. Shah Among Innovators Honored for Making an Impact
Dr.Bagci receives Certificate of Merit from RSNA 2017
Final Examinations of Vaca-Castano, Souly and Soomro
UCF is ranked no. 6 in the US and no. 11 in the world in the area of computer vision
First NSF Grant Under BIGDATA
Award Nominations for Harish and AliAsghar
View our new CRCV Brochure
Dr. Shah Receives the inaugural UCF Luminary Award
UCF to Celebrate Success of 30- Year-Old NSF Funded Program
2 PAMI Papers Accepted
10 Papers Accepted at ICCV 2017
Final Examination of Waqas Sultani
Classic Papers in Multimedia: Dr. Shah's paper with his student Yun Zhai listed as top fourth by Google
IEEE SMC 2017 paper is accepted!
MICCAI 2017 paper is accepted: CardiacNET!
IPMI 2017 paper is accepted for publication!
CRCV research on crowd tracking highlighted in Science Magazine (AAAS)
Research and Experience for Teachers *Orange County and Seminole County High School Teachers*
Dissemination Workshop - Research Experience for Teachers, 2017
Dr. Shah receives the 2017 University Excellence in Research Award!
Dr. Dehghan receives award for Outstanding Dissertation
Dr. Shah receives the 2016 award for Faculty Excellence in Mentoring Doctoral Students
Apply for the High School Apprenticeship Program
30 Year Celebration of NSF REU in Computer Vision at UCF
July 17, 2017
Our CVPR 2017 papers
Dr. Bagci receives grant from the State of Florida, Department of Health
Fareeha Irfan selected as the 2017 Google Lime Scholar!
Apply for 2017 Research Experience for Teachers (RET) in Computer Vision
Apply for 2017 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in Computer Vision
One ISMRM 2017 Abstract
IEEE Spectrum query on automated crowd counting
Two papers are accepted for publication in IEEE ISBI 2017!
The Science And Politics Of Counting The Crowds At The Inauguration And Women's March
IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging paper is accepted for publication!
Deep Learning in Radiology
Dr. Bagci has received the "best reviewer award" from MICCAI 2016!
CALL FOR PAPERS - SPECIAL ISSUE: Computerized Methods in Molecular Imaging Analytics

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Seminar Videos

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Upcoming Seminars

Date Description
February 22 2:00PM, Research I RM-101 A Navigational Approach to Health by Dr. Ramesh Jain of the University of California
January 30 2:00PM, Creol-103 Deep Learning, Generative Adversarial Networks and Domain Adaptation - Technologies that will Transform Clinical Research and Health Care by Dr. Rama Chellappa of the University of Maryland
April 10 11:00AM Mining for Histological Footprints of Cancer by Dr. Nasir Rajpoot of the University of Warwick HEC 101

Past Seminars

Date Description
March 29 11:00AM What can be derived from an instance? by Dr. Arnold Smeulders of the University of Amsterdam HEC 101
March 28 2:30PM Recent Advances in Algorithms for Automatic Target Detection and Recognition by Dr. Abhijit Mahalanobis of Lockheed Martin Corporation HEC 101
March 7 3:00PM Fun Research in Computer Vision and Robotics by Dr. Takeo Kanade of Carnegie Mellon University HEC 101
Feb 14 1:00PM Vision, Brain, Computation and Attention: What You Really Need to Know by Dr. John Tsostsos of York University HEC 101
Dec 15 10:30AM Two Routes for Image-to-Image Translation: Rule-based vs. Learning-based by Dr. Minglun Gong of the Memorial University of Newfoundland HEC 450
Dec 11 4:00PM Déjà Vécu: Learning from Legacy MoCap Data for Robust Human Action Recognition by Dr. Ajmal Mian of the University of Western Australia
Nov 20 4:00PM 3D-Centric Data-Driven Visual Computing by Dr. Qixing Huang of the University of Texas HEC 101
Nov 2 10:00AM Final Oral Examination of Gonzalo Vaca-Castano HEC 101B
Nov 3 10:00AM Final Oral Examination of Nasim Souly HEC 101
Nov 3 2:00PM Final Oral Examination of Khurram Soomro HEC 101
Oct 11 4:00PM Human-Machine Computer Vision Systems Transferring Human Capabilities to Visual Classifiers by Dr. Concetto Spampinato of the University of Catania PS160/161
August 2 11:00AM von Mises-Fisher Mixture Model-based Deep learning and its Application to Face Verification by Dr. Liming Chen of University of Lyon, France HEC 101
July 17 11:15AM Computational Imaging by Dr. Shree Nayar of Columbia University UCF Alumni Center
July 6 1:30PM Rate-invariant analysis of trajectories on Kendall shape space-applications to 3D action recognition and physical performance assessment by Dr. Boulbaba Ben Amor of Mines-Telecom Institute (IMT) Lille Douai, France HEC 119
May 18 3:00PM Towards Privacy Preserving Cameras by Dr. Sanjeev Jagannatha Koppal of University of Florida by Dr. Jean Ponce of Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France HEC 101
Feb 16 11:00AM General Geometric Models of Image Formation by Dr. Jean Ponce of Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France HEC 101
Dec 9 11:00AM From Cliques to Equilibria: Dominant-Set Clustering and Its Applications by Dr. Marcello Pelillo of Ca'Foscari University of Venice HEC 113
Nov 29 11:00AM On Advances in the Role of Differential Geometry in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition by Dr. Anuj Srivastava of Florida State University HEC 101
Nov 16 1:30PM Feedforward and feedback processes in visual recognition by Dr. Thomas Serre of Brown University HEC 101
Oct 20 4:30pm Scale Up Video understanding with Deep Neural Networks by Mr. Chuang Gan of Tsinghua University MSB 405
Sep 29 11:00am Weekly supervised learning from images and video by Dr. Ivan Laptev of INRIA, Paris HEC 101
Aug 12 3:00pm Local Zernike Moments: A New Representation for Face Recognition by Dr. Muhittin Gokmen of MEF University, Istanbul HEC 101

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